Prof. Rodrigo Tripodi Calumby, PhD.


University of Feira de Santana

Feira de Santana - Bahia - Brazil


I'm part of the Department of Exact Sciences of UEFS since 2011 conducting teaching activities on Databases, Data Mining, and Computer Programming.


My main research interests include: Data Science, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Interactive Learning, Learning-to-rank, Deep Learning, and Multimedia Databases.


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  • Computer Science Master Program is launched at UEFS (2018)

  • New paper on WebMedia 2018Silva & Calumby - Recuperação de Imagens na Web com Fusão Adaptativa de Credibilidade Baseada em Algoritmos Genéticos.

  • Our team received a Distintive Mention on MediaEval 2017 for the innovative proposal on per-query adaptiveness for diversification of image search results.

  • New paper on Neurocomputing: Diversity-based interactive learning meets multimodality. Pre-print version available here.

  • RECOD team participated in two benchmark tasks in MediaEval 2016: Retrieving Diverse Social Images (paper) and Placing Task (paper).

  • New paper published on SBBD 2016 (31st Brazilian Symposium on Databases): Araujo & Calumby - Features Fusion for Diversity Gap Reduction (paper, slides, poster)

  • New paper  on Neurocomputing: On Interactive Learning-to-Rank for IR: Overview, Recent Advances, Challenges, and Directions. Available here

  • Prof. Calumby is now a permanent member of the Graduate Program on Applied Computing from UEFS! More info here.

  • Best Paper Award: Araujo, I. B. A do C.; Calumby, R. T. Clustering Quality Analysis for Visual Diversity - XVI ERBASE, 2016.