Prof. Rodrigo Tripodi Calumby, PhD.


University of Feira de Santana

Feira de Santana - Bahia - Brazil

About Prof. Rodrigo Tripodi Calumby, PhD.





Curriculum Vitae

  • Curriculum (pdf)
  • Brazilian Lattes Platform: here (Portuguese only)

Research Fields

  • Data Science

  • Information Retrieval

  • Multimedia Search Systems

  • Machine Learning

  • Data Mining

  • Data Fusion

Research Interests

  • Health Data Science

  • Multimedia Information Retrieval (images, videos, etc.)

  • Interactive Information Retrieval (active learning, relevance feedback, etc.)

  • Multimodal Information Retrieval

  • Novelty and Diversity for Information Retrieval (redundancy, ambiguity, summarization, etc.)

  • Effectiveness Evaluation (benchmarks, evaluation protocols/measures, etc.)

  • Data Mining (classification, clustering, etc.)

  • Learn-to-rank

  • Data Fusion (rank aggregation, reranking, metric learning, etc.)